Empowering Parents to be Involved in their Children’s Education

For parents DAY ONE provides a supportive learning community.

We empower parents to be involved in their children’s education. DAY ONE gives parents a chance to work, to study, or to get training to further their own goals. Together with the community we offer informal learning on matters important to our parents.

For the community 

When children have the benefit of early childhood education, the children, family and the community benefit. Research shows that these children perform dramatically better when they get to kindergarten, to third grade and on graduation from high school. Because these early learning programs have been monitored for decades, we also know that when children start learning early, they have radically reduced rates of incarceration and early pregnancy. DAY ONE and the programs that will follow from its model school, is an essential foundation for community growth and success and the benefits are both social and financial: For every $1 spent on DAY ONE we expect a $13-15 return to our community.