Bucket and Brush

Kids love playing with water. Water helps kids learn about science and math, and is a quick way to cool off on a hot day. Find a paintbrush or kitchen sponge. Get something that holds a lot of water (a bucket, mixing bowl, saucepan.) Pick an outdoor surface for your child to paint with the water. Wood works best, like an outside door or table. View activity.

Stack It Up!

From the time children are babies, they love to stack things–and usually knock them down! Stacking things up and knocking them down involves math and science skills (measurement, balance, and making a prediction.) View activity.

How Tall Are You?

Measuring is an important part of math and science. Children love to measure! You will need a ruler, pencil and paper, and the smallest and largest shoe in your home. View activity.

Terrific Toes

Why do we have toes? Our toes help us move and balance when we walk or run. Do you think you can balance longer up on your toes or back on your heels? Make a guess and then try it with your child! You can exercise your toes by using them to pick something up. Have your child find several small items and a bowl. Put the items and the bowl on the floor in front of a chair Have your child sit down barefoot and try to pick up one item at a time to put in the bowl – just using toes! Doing this exercise helps your child build attention and self-control skills.

How many eggs are in a jar?

Take a look at the picture with your child and ask her to guess how many eggs are in the jar. Remind them to look carefully before making a guess. When we make a guess based on information – estimating – we are practicing an important early math skill. READ TODAY’S TIP

Bounce it!

What surface makes a ball bounce the highest? Help your child pick one ball that bounces. Look around with your child for three different surfaces to bounce a ball (a rug? hard floor?)[…] READ TODAY’S TIP