Teacher Apprenticeship Program

Full-time Program for Teachers 

The Teacher Apprenticeship Program (TAP) is an intensive, full time eleven week apprenticeship
program for teachers interested in teaching in early childhood classrooms. In order to build
high quality early childhood education classrooms, we know that teachers benefit from
hands-on learning experiences with mentor teachers and sustained time to engage in learning
about best practices as an early childhood teacher.

During the eleven week apprenticeship period, a group of up to twelve teachers will be selected to
participate in the program. Each apprentice teacher is placed in a model early childhood setting
side by side with a mentor teacher for five hours each morning. Early childhood settings include
centers, family and group family care, and nursery schools. In the afternoon, the apprentice
teachers gather for a collaborative seminar.

Our goal is to place 200 DAY ONE teachers in Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County over the next
five years.

Exchange Teachers

Beginning in 2022!

In order for currently employed teachers to participate in DAY ONE TAP for eleven weeks, DAY
ONE Early Learning Community will provide an exchange teacher to each “home classroom”.
These exchange teachers will be master teachers hired by DAY ONE Early Learning Community
for this purpose. The exchange teacher will spend eleven weeks in the apprenticeship teacher’s
home classroom; this will provide additional expertise to local early childhood classrooms as
well as stability for the early childhood home, school or center. The cost of the DAY ONE
exchange teachers will be covered by DAY ONE Early Learning Community; thus there will not be
additional cost burdens placed on the apprenticeship teacher’s home classroom during his/her
leave to teach in DAY ONE’s TLC.

Our goal is to place 200 DAY ONE teachers in Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County over the next five years.

Teachers successfully completing the eleven week apprenticeship program will be eligible for a
monthly stipend as long as certain criteria continue to be met (e.g. demonstration of ongoing
best practices in the classroom; continued employment in an early childhood home, center or
school within Dutchess or Ulster County; continued participation in ongoing supervision