Support Services for Early Childhood Development

At DAY ONE Early Learning Community, we want every child to have everything they need to grow up healthy, safe and strong. We know that the best preparation for each child’s optimal development as a learner and a human being begins at DAY ONE, and continues throughout the preschool years.  Supporting healthy development means supporting their families and their communities, as well as their teachers, so that every child has a state-of-the-art start. 

From birth to five, the potential to positively affect a child’s life is enormous. The early years are a precious time for brain development. Babies are born ready to learn and their brain gets wired through interactions with the people and experiences in their daily life. Each child’s brain is under construction, building the foundation for the learning they will do for their entire lives.  At DAY ONE, every child has the opportunity to grow their brain in ways by steps, hops and leaps in learning.  

While there are general pathways of development, there are also unique and striking differences. Each child has strengths, interests and ideas unique to their style of learning.  DAY ONE teachers seek out the strengths in each child to help them develop into their best learner selves. We celebrate each child’s unique differences as ways to grow the individual. Sometimes developmental differences signal a child’s learning has been slowed down, diverted, or wired together in such a way that the child’s brain encounters a stumbling block. Those things are picked up by early childhood teachers and can be addressed.  As teachers, they have taught many children at this age and have learned to notice when a child might need some extra support.

DAY ONE Teaching & Learning Center wants to make sure that we have expertise on site to help each child’s development get support to make the brain’s neural roads run smooth and efficiently.  We will have developmental specialists on staff to help any children who need support. This will include a speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, an educational specialist, a music therapist, and a social worker.  We will also work with graduate student interns in counseling and pediatrics, as well as art and music therapy interns. DAY ONE staff will support each child and parent to get what their child needs to grow and thrive as a learner. 

Support services in early childhood are the ultimate “pay it forward.” We know that early intervention support is a gift. DAY ONE will offer this gift to every child enrolled in the Teaching & Learning Center. It can change a child’s life, for the rest of their lives.