Parent Advocacy Team (PAT)

Welcome to the Parent Advocacy Team of DAY ONE Early Learning Community. We are currently seeking parents to serve as members on our Parent Advocacy Team. The purpose of the Parent Advocacy Team is to engage parents as partners and leaders. We need parents to help us enhance the quality of early childhood education in Dutchess County.

The three main responsibilities of a member of the Parent Advocacy Team are to advocate, support and promote. 


Each member will be tasked with advocating the needs and concerns of parents and families of children ages 0-5 in Dutchess County. Members of the Parent Advocacy Team will meet with parents to discuss educational challenges within their school districts and at home. Team members will compile all parent suggestions, challenges and concerns to discuss at the Parent Advocacy Team quarterly meetings. 


Members of our Parent Advocacy Team will support other parents and families of the County. Support may include organizing and providing workshops to parents of the community. Members of the Parent Advocacy Team will work directly with parents with the goal of creating a supportive environment for all parents of the County.


Lastly, members of our Team will be responsible for promoting and communicating information to parents of Dutchess County. Members will have the opportunity to attend outreach and various community events to better connect with parents and provide needed information.

Parent Advocacy Team meetings will be held quarterly during the months of February, May, August, and November on the 3rd Thursday at 4:30pm.  Our first meetings will take place online via Zoom due to the recent world events. Members of the Parent Advocacy Team will be notified in advance when meetings are moved back to in person meetings. Childcare will be available for all team members. A stipend will be issued for each monthly meeting attended.

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We hope you will share your voice to help strengthen early childhood education in Dutchess County!